About Us

We’re Barb and Lynnelle
…and we USED to think 60 was old.

Heels and Tevas is an online place for fun, vibrant women who don’t think 60 is old – and certainly don’t FEEL like a senior! Here you’ll find resources, information and shared experiences supporting your journey into the realm of our version of “seniordom”.

And while we may not feel like we’re seniors, our lives can change in after turning 60. We are different after 60 in a variety of ways – physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, sexually… and you sometimes need help or a safe place to vent. That’s us. Heels and Tevas.

Heels and Tevas is a community for women who want to continue learning and growing, to be and look their best, and to change society’s paradigm of what it means to be a “senior” woman over 60 in this society.

Honorary Heels and Tevas Divas

Lynnelle (heels) and Barb (Tevas)

We’re Lynnelle and Barb. While we are very close friends, we are very different people. You might say we’re as close as peanut butter and jelly, yet as different as heels and Tevas.

Barb lives on a boat, wherever the boat happens to be. Lynnelle lives in Texas, except when she lives in France. We know we’re not alone as we walk through midlife and into our senior years (cough, cough, cough). “When do we start to FEEL like “senior women”!?”

Join our tribe! We promise not to inundate you with junk – and we promise to hold your email address in the strictest of confidence. Every month we’ll send out an email or two with information we think you’ll find interesting and that may be a little more personal than we post here on the Heels and Tevas blog. After all, sometimes things need to be kept just between us. We hope you join us! Sing up on the form to the right —> You’ll be glad you did!