Heels and Tevas Glossary



(Nothing yet – but we couldn’t start the glossary with B.  Stay tuned.)


Barbara J. Hart. (See Bio.) You may call her Barbara or Barb but only a very select few may call her “Barbie”. If you have to ask, you are not one of those few. (And no, Lynnelle is not one of them.) Has one other alias. (See below.)

B.S. Before Sixty. We will use it a lot.

Bubs Barb’s alias. Originated by EW (see reference) and picked up by Favorite (see reference). The derivative is “Bubsy”. (Again, if you have to ask, no.) Pablo knows Barb as “Aunty Bubs”. Really.

Buhwheat EW’s nickname for Pablo because his curly hair reminded EW of Eddie Murphy’s Saturday Night Live Character. Lynnelle wasn’t amused at first, but gave up in the end. She left her darling dog with Barb and EW while she spent a month in Paris. When she and Pablo visited the boat a few days after she returned, one boating neighbor greeted the dog with a, “Hi there, Buhwheat!” Upon reaching the boat, she lit in to EW who still laughs at the memory..



Diva (See the Diva Post.) For the short version, trust us when we say there are divas we’d like to emulate and those we would not. (It’s like the good and bad witches in the Wizard of Oz.) We use “diva” because 1) it rhymes with Teva and 2) there’s a beautiful power embodied in that word—and in us.


EW, AKA Stewart D. Hart, Barb’s Husband for over 30 years. When emphasizing how his name was spelled for a newspaper reporter, Barb may have been a bit too forceful in saying “He’s an E W Stewart”. The entire article referred to him as “E.W. Stewart Hart”. From that point onward, Barb called him EW in social media, her sailing blog, and book. EW is a good sport and frequently calls himself “The Topic”.


Favorite, AKA Mo Hart, EW’s (AKA Stew) son. He is the “favorite son” because he is the only son. As an Internet Security Consultant, he was not thrilled with social media or blogging and asked Barb not to use his name, so he became “Favorite”. A year ago, he rescinded the request but was told it was too late and that readers wouldn’t know “Mo”.




IRL, short for In Real Life. Barb tends to use this a lot because she frequently “meets” other cruisers via Facebook and her other blog, www.hartsatsea.com. Both of us delight in finding new members and commenters who neither of us currently know In Real Life. Even more, we look forward to meeting members of the Tribe In Real Life.



Kurt, Lynnelle’s sweetie and new home mate. They have been a couple for a while and moved in together in her sister’s guest room when the house Lynnelle and Kurt were building ran months over schedule. They survived that in part because, since Kurt is a retired policeman who raised three girls alone, he is rarely surprised and largely unflappable.


La Luna, Barb and EW’s home. They have lived on a boat since 2002. (See Barb’s bio.)

Lynnelle Wilson (See Bio) As a child, she was known as Nell and contemplated going back to that for this blog. However, at the last minute she remembered that she often thanked her mom for the unique spelling. Being a 2-N, 2-L Lynnelle allowed her to procure @Lynnelle on Twitter and has generally been useful for social media, Linked-In, and Google searches.


Mo (See Favorite)


Nell (See Lynnelle)



Pablo Lynnelle’s Labradoodle . (Barb calls him a Labradoodle-doodle because he’s ¾ poodle.) Real name: Pablo Ruiz (named after Picasso) but has a number of aliases. If he could speak, he’d tell you he was the cutest dog in the world. He hears that from Lynnelle all the time. As do we all.

Platinum Friend (See BFFs Post). Worth of real friends in today’s market. Gold and silver is so 80’s.

Post-Boob Friend (See BFFS Post). That friend you met long after you bought your first bra.

Post-Boob Job Friend (See BFFS Post) Lynnelle’s special category.

Pre-Boob Friend (See BFFs Post). That friend you met and before you got boobs. She knows pretty much everything about you.




Spike EW’s suggested name for Buh…er Pablo. It was a non-starter. Years later, in conversation with Lynnelle and Kurt, EW said, “Remember when you were going to call him Spike?” Like the Dallas Nelle she is, Lynnelle sat up and spit back, “I was never going to call this dog Spike!”

Stew (See EW)


Tevas (See “What’s a Teva”? Post) Barb’s shoe of choice. “Heels and Tevas” was the name Barb proposed within a half hour of Lynnelle presenting the idea of the blog as it most accurately represents their differences, Lynnelle is a Dallas Gal/Diva/Heels/Chanel/Paris kind of woman. Barb is a Small Town/Sailor/Backpack/Islands and Beaches kind of woman. Yes, we thought of the legal consequences. If challenged, we’ll go with “Heels and Teevas”, but we also think that they just might love it. Barb really wears Tevas on a daily basis and has not found any other sports sandal to fit as well for her. (Again, see, “What’s a Teva?” to learn why.)




WTF Not what you think. Stands for Weight, Time, Fortitude – the factors of Weight Management over 60

WYSIWYG Pronounced “wizzywig”. Lynnelle used the term in one of our planning sessions and all forward momentum stopped. For the record, Barb would have known. WYSIWYG in print, she just didn’t know one pronounced it. Lynnelle has a greater capacity for learning and embracing technology and new memes. Barb, on the other hand, used the words Emoji and Avatar interchangeably until ridiculed by her nephew. OH! WYSIWYG – stands for “What You See IS What You Get”. Of course.