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Heels and Tevas Podcast Outtakes

I don’t know if these are funny – or just sad. Or, a bit of both. It seems making a podcast involves more than we once thought!  Give us an E Effort and an A for Amusement.

Two Old Broads – How are we doing so far!?



Other Podcasts Recommended by the Tribe


Ted Radio Hour

Radio Lab

This American Life

The Moth Radio Hour — Especially “Shocks and Surprises” from Teri Garr

Two Dope Queens

Science Friday

How I Built This

Modern Love

Hidden Brain



Offshoot from NPR Show

S-Town (new)

Serial (Last season)

Make me Smart


Public Radio

On Being

A Way with Words



Dan Snow’s History hit from the BBC

The Infinite Monkey Cage

In Our Time



CBC (That’s Canadian Broadcasting)

Vinyl Café (No new episodes. All prior episodes are pure gold for story-telling and music.)

Laugh Out Loud

Comedy Factory


Independent Podcasts

Origin: Hands and Daylight with Pete Roberts

Science VS

The Wooded Path


Skepticrat (Covering politics from the Far Center)

Folkcast, Mike Harding’s Folk Show (Ended in October 2017 they have 5 years of podcasts in archives)

Ted Talks

Black Girl in Maine


Independent and Spooky

Lore (True Life Scary Stories0

Mysterious Universe (This from one of Favorite’s high school friends, who thought “Mr. Hart would like it,” and mentioned that it’s for those who like “fringe topics”.

Welcome to Night Vale

Up and Vanished