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A word about the Heels and Tevas blog site…

We are building this blog on our own. We’re both fairly tech-savvy but we’re not technoids, by any stretch. We’re not afraid – so off we go, building a blog.

That being said, it’s not as pretty as some; it’s not as fancy or slick as some. But! We didn’t pay anyone else to design or build it. We did it ourselves. Eventually we will be prettying it up, fancying and slicking it up – but for now – wysiwyg.

In working towards the ability to pretty, fancy and slick up our technology, we’ve signed up with affiliate program​. What this means is that you’ll see links in our posts when we reference an item.  Some of these links will be to another site with more details on the post topic being covered. Others will be links to where you’ll be able to see the 

product/item/book, etc. we’retalking about in the post. If you decide to purchase said item, book, etc., Heels and Tevas will receive a commission. This — in NO way — effects the price you pay.  It is simply a small % commission paid back to us if you actually buy after linking over.

As a matter of fact, any time you may need to go to for anything at all, you can help us by using this link to get to instead of going directly.  ​Every little bit helps, and the price you pay isn’t impacted at all.

The Heels and Tevas vow:

We will not post a blog link directly to ANYTHING that we haven’t already purchased ourselves and would buy again.    You have our word.

–The Divas, Barb & Lynnelle

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