Oh, You Posing Poser; or, how to look better in photos

Oh, You Posing Poser; or, how to look better in photos

Barb here:

When did we start posing like runway models?


We used to bunch together, smile, and have someone snap our photo.

Now we line up, stomach in, chest out, and (if we are on the end of the row) with one arm on our hip, seemingly pushing said hip forward just a bit because…Why?

The other day a photo of a three year old in my family showed the same pose.

I am not amused.


But I am guilty.

As an adult who has begun a new career in business, I had to obtain the dreaded “head shot”. Unfortunately I had to obtain head shots of my head and couldn’t use a stand in.

I’m 60 years old and 20 (sigh) 25 pounds overweight and have been blessed with a second chin.

Head shots are not my friend.

My last official head shot this about 10-12 years ago and I didn’t like the process then, but I didn’t have that chin. Unfortunately, those old shots were deemed unacceptable. Or false advertising. Or confusing.

So, like before, I found a local woman photographer whom I trusted and posed for a number of photos wearing two or three different outfits.

In my late forties, I simply smiled.

At 60, you can bet your bippy I posed. As best I can remember, it involved having the photographer stand above me (on a frickin’ ladder) and telling me to cross one arm over my body in an un-natural stance, while I turned said body partly away from the camera and looked back and up at it.

Voila! No giant extra chin.

Consider me a fan of posing…for anyone of a certain age.

Also, I need to get a selfie stick so I can recreate that pose when EW and I are out and about sightseeing.


I never remember to put my hand on my hip, either.

Lynnelle here:

The business head shot aside, hitting “the pose” is a skill that has to be practiced to be mastered. You say, “the pose?”.   Yes.   

The pose; one hand on hip, elbow turned slightly away from the camera, hip back, foot forward & leg crossed slightly over other leg.   

It’s like golfing or tennis or anything else requiring multiple physical contortions. It takes practice, practice, practice until it’s second nature. In golf, maybe you practice the grip and forget about the stance the back swing, the follow through. Once you get the grip, then you move on to the backswing – forgetting all the other stuff.  And so on.  

Kurt has 3 beautiful daughters; Crystal, Shandi, and Brooke. All are good at “the pose, but the professional is Crystal. I’d put her up against any red carpet walk, any day. She has it down. Pat. I on the other hand, try really hard, running through all the instructions as I spaz my way into position.

Compare for yourself.

Kurt and Crystal

The Heels Diva 

Lest you think this was a one-off, here are a few more of Crystal striking the pose.

Perfectly.  Every time. 

Posing to promote your best self. It’s a practiced skill. At this stage in my life I think I’ll spend the time practicing to keep my eyes open when the flash goes off and holding my stomach in. If I can master that, I’ll be happy.

If you’d like to practice your posing, here are some helpful tips. 7 Posting Techniques for Non-Models

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