Life Flashes Before Your Eyes

Life Flashes Before Your Eyes

“Your life flashes before your eyes”. That used to be a scary thing, but now we have smartphones. Documenting your life is an everyday thing now.  I read an article about Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick that made me think of that phrase. Kevin and Kyra have been married over 30 years, which is an accomplishment special enough to warrant press coverage, so Huffington Post published a story and their life together in pictures. I love seeing their evolution. Here are 3 of the pictures they posted in the article.

Before smartphones, few of us would have such an extensive history in print. Now that most of us have cameras at the ready 24/7, we all could easily line up a pictorial history of our life, at least post-2007.

Looking back through your history is different than reading back through. Journals are good, yet most of the benefits journaling provides is in the writing, not the reading. Looking back and “seeing” adds a different dimension to the memory.  You can feel the emotions of being there again. One thing is for sure; you can certainly feel the time passing. 

Memories Flash Before Your Eyes

I just spent an hour going through the digital photos on my computer, all 28,588 of them, dating from 2008 to this morning. I need to go through them again when I have more time, (and patience). After the digital photo cleanup, I did a quick look-through of the big bucket containing all my old-fashioned, printed photos. (You remember those, don’t you?) I digitized a few and then put together a 3-picture spread of my life.

Going through all these pictures, my life flashes before my eyes, image by image, has been therapeutic. I highly recommend it.

What are the 3-pictures you’d pick? It will take some time going through them, but trust me. it will be good for you. Post your pictures on the Heels and Tevas Facebook Group and share your 3-Pictures.

**REMINDER** The Heels and Tevas Facebook Group is private. Only those women who have requested and accepted membership can see or post in the Group. We keep it that way so we can talk about things that we may not want just anybody on Facebook to see or read about.

The Heels and Tevas Facebook Page, on the other hand, is open to everyone, as long as they’re considerate.

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