Women (over 60) Just Want to Have Fun

Women (over 60) Just Want to Have Fun

Barb here. 

Lynnelle will be here soon!  

Lynnelle and her Sweetie and the littlest Pablo are coming to St. Augustine. My sweetie, AKA EW is excited (I think he misses Pablo) but he also loves Lynnelle like a brother and likes her sweetie as only a good brother can. (First with narrowed eyes and some reservations, but now with a firm handshake and ready smile.) 

OK, this is not about the males in our life—canine or human—this is about a Heels Road Trip and a Heels and Tevas Meet-up! Lynnelle is already making a list and checking it twice and she wants to cross it all off before she leaves our “oldest” city.  

The backroom at Chatsworth waiting for the Divas

In addition to touristing and shopping and golfing (Sweetie), we will be exercising, dining, shopping, writing, planning, and taking photos. We will probably (all right, we will absolutely) work on a few videos for the blog or Facebook, and we will host a Heels and Tevas Meet-up! 

On Tuesday, December 12, we invite the members of the Heels and Tevas Tribe who are in or near St Augustine to join us for drinks and snacks at the back room in Chatsworth. Note, we have not reserved the entire room, but so far no one else has either. Lynnelle and I will order a plethora of their appetizer platters and ask that all of you take care of your own bar tab.

Be aware, if Lynnelle looks your way with her iPhone in hand, it will probably be on “video”. Barb will be taking a few stills. Mostly we will be talking and laughing, answering your questions, and asking a few of our own. We’ll have been working on Heels and Tivas for about 4 months at that point, and will be making plans for the first quarter of 2018 – a year in which we expect our first Divas book to be released! <Yes, that AND Paris. Stay tuned!> 


Lynnelle here. 


Yep!  Kurt (the Sweetie), Pablo (the Littlest) and I (the Heels Diva) (see glossary for additional details) are hopping in the car on Wednesday afternoon, 6 December, and heading east. (We’d be leaving a bit earlier in the day but I’ll be rocking at the LadyGaga concert on the evening of the 5th and want to be well rested before hitting the road.  “Over 60 and attending a Lady Gaga concert?”, you ask?  “Hell Yeah!”, I say.

It will be great seeing Barb and EW. I’m sure Kurt will enjoy a round or 2 of Florida golfing. It will be really good for Barb and I to do Diva work together IRL (Again, see the glossary as needed for more info).

There will, however, be no horse yoga. (Unless I can talk Barb into it for a good laugh. Horse Yoga! OMG, hilarious. I think it’s a duty we Divas have to test it out for the Tribe.  Barb doesn’t feel the same.)

I’m also excited about the actual road trip taking us from here (Elgin, TX) to there (St. Augustine, FL). It’s 1000 miles and, if our goal was to just get there, we’d probably make it in 2 full days of driving. But, we’re making a road trip out of it, taking 4-5 days for the journey.

Day 1 will be a stop in SE Houston for a tour of the NASA Space Center.  Born and raised in Texas – many, many, many trips to Houston and NEVER visited NASA.  Gittenerdun (present tense verb for Gitterdun. Yes… see the glossary. ).  

Day 2 is probably a drive on to Lafayette, LA and… wait for it… A swamp tour!  “It can’t get any better than that!”, you say?   

Stay tuned. 

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