Makeup Chat – Eyeshadow Illusion and the Melting Icecap

Makeup Chat – Eyeshadow Illusion and the Melting Icecap

Aging Eyebrows and the Polar Icecaps  

(The video is below) 

Over time, many parts of our physical person begin to wrinkle and droop. Yes, there are procedures that some have opted for – botox, fillers, lasers, plumps and lifts. We (Barb & Lynnelle) have opted for the less invasive (and less expensive) attack on the effects of aging.  In this post we’re talking about the eyelids. Women over 60, or even earlier for most of us, begin to see less space between our eyebrows and lash line. (this is NOT the case for those who have undergone the knife, where the opposite is more likely to be true)  In addition to less distance, the eyelid itself is slowly disappearing. Sort of like the icecap at the North Pole, at first you don’t notice it but, one day you wake up and… it’s half gone and going f.a.s.t.  


We’re not going to go under the knife (unless we win the lottery- maybe then, so if that happens, we reserve the right to edit opinions mentioned here, maybe) and therefore, have turned to chemistry and artistry. We’ll have another post about the lotions and potions, but today our focus is on artistry. The illusion of light, to be more specific.

The Illusion of Light and Dark

Light elevates and brings forward – dark lowers and recedes. Previously noted, as we age our eyelids sag down and our eyes look more sunken, using a darker shadow ABOVE the normal eyelid crease and a lighter shadow/highlighter directly under the brow and right at the lash line will work to lift the brow, open the eye yet still leave the image of nice contour.

Using eyeliner and mascara can increase the depth and darkness of the eyes, countering the above efforts to lift and recontour. Using the right colors and the right application methods can actually enhance the highlighting and bring out your eyes.

We are Not Experts (but, we’re really cool women)

We are not experts, and the following is not expert advice, but one individual’s personal opinion (mine, the Heels Diva of Heels and Tevas) and another’s agreement to post said opinion (hers, Barb, the Teva Diva of Heels and Tevas) in video form. This video has not been reviewed nor approved by a professional makeup artist. We are not being paid by any company or product mentioned here – although we think they should pay us… especial NYX products, as you’ll see. We wish they would. If they ever do, we’ll let you know.

Favorite Eye Makeup of (at least) one Over-60 Woman

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We’re having a ton of fun and hope you enjoy hanging with us as much as we enjoy hanging with you.

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