My Girl-Crush, I love Helen Mirren

My Girl-Crush, I love Helen Mirren

I love Helen Miren. As a straight woman over 60, I’m still wondering if it’s ok to say that. But, it’s true. Helen is my girl-crush. If there’s a woman in this world who epitomizes the woman I want to be, it’s Helen Mirren. Actually, I love Audrey Hepburn, too, but she’s just so perfect. Helen seems more like ‘one of us’. And, she and I have so much in common! A few of our similarities, we both:

  • Swears when the situation calls for it. “Oh, bugger it.” for Helen. “Well, shit,” (among others), for me.
  • Helen drinks vodka (or vodka – or perhaps vodka) My fav, vodka. Kettle One or Absolute. I wonder what Helen’s favorite is.
  • She has the best advice for her 16-year-old self, which happens to be the same advice she’d offer to empower women – Say, “fuck-off” more often. I don’t think I can top that.

I’m not sure about Helen’s favorite pizza topping, clam. But, she says she had this clam pizza at a restaurant in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Cajun clam pizza. How could it NOT be delish? Nor, am I familiar with her favorite drunk food. Helen claims to “have an Indian after getting blasted.” I’m thinking she means the cuisine and not the heritage – but, hey. You never know.

What if I Met My Girl-Crush?

No matter – I love Helen Mirren. I know we’d get along famously. Upon meeting, and after my giddy, giggling subsided, I know we’d become best friends. I’d probably be like Honey, in the movie Notting Hill. Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts star; Julia Roberts (who seems like a lot of fun, too) plays a world-famous movie star, Anna Scott. (quite a stretch, right?) There’s a scene where Hugh’s character’s younger sister, Honey, meets Anna. Honey has absolutely no composure and no boundaries. She falls over herself, fawns all over Anna, even following her into the bathroom. It’s kind of cute, in weirdo-way. I’m sure that’s how I’d be meeting Helen. God, help me – but, it’s probably true.

Helen, if you’re out there, I apologize in advance. But really. I just know we’d be best friends. Call me. Let’s hang out.

Who’s your girl-crush? You know you have one, too.

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