Active, Opinionated, and Over 60. Now What?

Active, Opinionated, and Over 60. Now What?

Face it; yes, we’re active, opinionated, and over 60 – but thinning/graying hair, getting wrinkles, and sagging are also part of aging. That’s a fact. It’s also true that at this moment we are the youngest we will ever be. (Gulp.) If we haven’t already started to take care of our bodies, minds, and sprits then is high time we started to do so.

Aging is a Fact – But not the Only Fact.

Joan Price

Yes, this blog will address those physical things we wish we could change (Give me the wisdom to change the things I can and a great outfit to cover the rest) but that’s not the whole story about aging and we hope to address most of the whole story on aging. (Note while we greatly admire Joan Price and her blog and books, we will not emulate her candidness on the subject of senior sex. Frankly, we aren’t that evolved. Plus she does it so dang well, we don’t need to.)

Please understand that a Blog is a fluid medium. The tone and topics will change a bit as we learn and grow, find our comfort levels, and understand your interests. We promise not to talk only about aging because that can get old. (Did you see what I did there?) And we know that a huge percentage of our posts are First World Problems. But they are our First World Problems and your First World Problems and—well you get the idea.


active over 60

We sincerely hope that “Heels and Tevas” will become a place where we can all exchange information, warn each other about bad ideas, share great stories, and have more than a few laughs. We’ve always needed friendships and laughter just like we’ve always needed sunscreen, broad hats, regular exercise, and annual check-ups—but sometimes we’ve forgotten what we need – and it’s our friends who remind us. We’ve always needed to talk with our dear friends—but sometimes we haven’t made time for it.

Active and Opinionated and Happy

We’re not activists, but we are active and opinionated and have participated in a march or two. We are 60 (and counting), but don’t feel old. We have dreams, hopes, and plans for our futures—just as we did when we were 10, 30, and 40. Perhaps we’ve figured out that we won’t reach every goal. Perhaps we’re OK with that. Perhaps illness, finances, elderly parents, or beloved jobs will keep us from doing it all. Perhaps doing what we can and enjoying it is enough.

Let’s figure it out together.

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