Is It Hoarding If It’s Good Stuff?

Is It Hoarding If It’s Good Stuff?

Why is it so hard to get rid of stuff? At least for some of us, it’s a physically painful task to ‘declutter’. Is it hoarding? Having had over 60 years to collect, you know there’s stuff that can go.

Recently we got together to compare notes on our mutual Lent promise; 40 days – 40 items (as in, getting rid of an item a day during Lent). This is all related to the over-arching theme of less is more, downsizing, simplifying, etc.

Lynnelle here.

It all sounds good, especially when you’re talking about starting “tomorrow” or “next Monday”.  Faced with tossing something “now”, my palms sweat a little, my heart races, my mind goes to “what if I need that one day!?”

What the hell is wrong with me?  “You’re a hoarder”, Barb says.

Really? Is it hoarding?

No. I don’t think I’m a HOARDER, but I do feel a comfort having STUFF. And I’m working on that. I AM simplifying and downsizing – downsizing and reducing my stuff, distractions, and ego. One day at a time, one foot in front of the other. This getting old crap isn’t what I thought. We’re not DONE. Ever.

Barb Here.  Um, yes it’s hoarding, but not like what you see on TV or those awful shows.  I use the term “hoarding” as taught to me by a woman from whom I took a personal growth class, many years ago. She told us that in order to have a bountiful life we had to make room; to do that we had to get rid of things we didn’t need, didn’t use, and which didn’t bring us joy. She said that to keep them was hoarding.

Does that box of empty sunglass cases bring you joy? If no, give it away.

Better yet, can you imagine the joy someone else will get when they find a case that fits their favorite pair of sunglasses? If yes, give it away.

As a last resort, think of the things you would like to bring into your life and imagine that letting go of the things you don’t need will open the doors for the things you do need.

As your friend, I hate to ask you to do something that makes your palms sweat and I’m sorry that I find it funny. (Probably not as sorry as I should be.) Yes, with my philosophy, we’ve tossed things we later wish we hadn’t, but very few (really none) caused us lasting pain and suffering. 

PS. I got rid of three items this morning. Two dresses, and one notebook.



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