Thank you for Caring

Thank you for Caring

This post is brief and won’t be shared outside this blog, because you’re a special group.  We love Facebook and we love our Facebook friends and HaT page followers. But being part of the HaT Tribe, visiting here on the blog site and through the email updates connects us in a different, special way; at least it feels that way to me. I appreciate you all very much.


My Mom passed away yesterday just after noon. Karen and I had been caring for her since bringing her home from the hospital on 30 September.  Mom would not eat nor drink nor take any of the meds she was prescribed on the day we brought her home. The next day we were able to confirm Hospice would support us in caring for Mom going forward and, shortly thereafter, Mom was not responsive and could not eat nor drink.

A hospice organization helped us with Dad’s passing four years ago, but each hospice organization is not created equal. While we were thankful to have the support with Dad, it was a far different level of care, or more accurately, it was a far different level of CARING we received recently for Mom. The people helping us from Guiding Hospice‘s Glynn, Holly, Mellisa, Marrietta, Susie and Phillip were a blessing.  Mom would not have been as comfortable nor passed so peacefully without them. Karen and I cannot thank them enough for helping us navigate such an emotionally and physically draining experience.

Thank you for all your notes of love and support. Karen and I are humbled and honored that so many of you have reached out.  No matter how long one has to get ready and no matter how difficult the transition, you can never be prepared for the loss. Preparing to lose your Mom is not the same as having lost your Mom. I’m sad and appreciate all of you.

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  • I cannot thank all of you enough for your thoughtful comments. I apologize for not responding sooner. It is, indeed, an overwhelming experience losing my Mom. So many thoughts and emotions, a lifetime of good, bad and otherwise being evaluated. Karen and I continue to support each other in the to-dos that are inevitable after-the-fact, as well as the waves of emotion.

    This blog was a true support for me. Both, because it gave me an outlet to share in a safe space as well as getting your warm support back.

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

  • We can relate to your pain and appreciate your post about losing your Mom. Such a personal experience can be difficult to write about but in doing so, you made us feel part of your family. Thank you and I wish you healing and peace.

    • Thank you, Cathy. I’m sorry it’s taken me a while to respond here. I’ve not been on the blog for a few days and appreciate your thoughtful note. I do feel like the folks here, reading what Barb and I write, are like family. I hope we can all meet sometime. Hugs from Texas.

  • I echo Barb’s thoughts that we wish we could be there to give you both a hug and let you share whatever stories you want to tell. It is hard to go through the transition,
    but doing it with family and hospice helps so much. It takes a truly amazing person to be a hospice care giver and I am glad that you had them with you.
    So when you are less tired, if you want to drink a bottle of red wine together over the phone or facetime I am all in.

    Hugs and Love


  • No matter how long you have to prepare, that time is never enough … but you can act in such a way as to make it enough, with love and grace as you have shown. As my mom went through her third and final round with cancer she said something that stuck with me and gave me a bit of peace: “I’ve given you all the tools I know to be successful. I think I’ve raised a good human being in you. Think of me as the training wheels on your bike, being taken off now.” It’s different than your case in that my mom was clear-headed up until the very end, but know that we are thinking of you.

  • There is no greater gift than the love of a mom, and a loving daughter to tirelessly be by her side, always there to make her feel safe. You and Karen have been her angels surrounding her with love, strength and peace. I so admire your dedication and loving spirit.

    Yes, there is no preparing for the loss of your mom; there’s just isn’t any. I pray that this time of grieving goes gently for you and Karen.
    Sending you much love, lots of hugs.
    Luv you, girlfriend.


  • Barb said it all so perfectly that all I can add is how fortunate you were to have had your wonderful mom and for your mom to have had wonderful you. Thank you for sharing the photos – precious. Many hugs.

  • Again, your grace simply floors me. Your mom raised two beautiful, strong, and loving women. I am glad that you had such wonderful and loving help from the Hospice team. Most of us are not close enough to hug you, make a meal, or just sit and listen and hand you tissues. I hope you can feel the love and comfort we yearn to give to you.

    Love. Peace. Hugs


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