A Sailor’s Guide to the Galaxy (of Makeup Application)

A Sailor’s Guide to the Galaxy (of Makeup Application)

While Heels Diva Lynnelle may have makeup tips and techniques to share (a flick here – a tap, tap, tap, there), Teva Diva Barb shares the ultimate efficiency, minimalist, gitterdun-approach to makeup tools and application techniques that NOT-only a sailor could love.  Forget about fancy toners, contour kits, and microblading… Barb get’s real and down to basics. Watch as she shares the reality of the Teva-Diva’s makeup routine.

(How ’bout that cool Heels and Tevas theme music!?  Heels and Tevas Retro Soul, thanks to Royalty Free Music by Bensound. You’ll be hearing that a lot on our new podcast series – launching 5 Feb.)

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