#2 – Unsubscribe!

#2 – Unsubscribe!

Not counting work, How many emails do you get a day? How many of you get so many that you’ve had to create a 2nd email address (or 3rd…) to start over?  As part of our 2018 focus of a more simplified and fulfilling life, unsubscribing to emails is #2 on our list. (#1 is here) 

After all the online shopping over the holidays and the “sign-up here for 10% off”offers, it’s probably even more overwhelming. Houzz, Ebates, HGTV, Bon Appetite, Betabrand, Grommet, Etsy, On-And-On-And-On… Heck, Ebates, alone, sends TWO emails a day. If anyone were to send me an important message via email, I may not find it for days.  

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE looking through the recipes on Bon Appetite, the designs on HGTV, the deals on Houzz… And I LOVE Ebates! (I’ll be getting a check from Ebates for at least $68.00 from my online Christmas shopping. No, it’s not a ton, but it’s a nice mani-pedi!)  

#2 Unsubscribe to Email Lists

Doing so can help you create a more simple and fulfilling life in three ways:

  1. Simplify. Is there anything LESS simplified than an overflowing inbox of marketing emails?? Emails that are ALL vying for your attention and your wallet?  Vying for attention, aka: shouting and waving and jumping up and down – “Hey! Here’s a new, shiny, thing you really, really cannot live without!” My blood pressure is rising and my pulse is racing just thinking about it – and not in a good way. Unsubscribe!
  2. What a TIME SUCK! I clocked myself the other day. There were a couple of emails I wanted to check out for Christmas dinner recipes. Not that I was missing any information; the email just caught my eye and I wanted to compare with recipes I already had. Fast forward 25 minutes – when I’ve gone through two other websites and am reading about something not even slightly related to Christmas dinner… Whaaaat? …What had I learned? How much better was my life for having “INVESTED” that 25 minutes?  Nada.  Think of the time I’ll get back. Unsubscribe!
  3. I don’t need added temptations to spend money. I do pretty well on my own. Those emails reminding me of all the “new, shiny things I really, really cannot live without” are pouring fuel on the fire.  Unsubscribe!

Not only did I unsubscribe to a gazillion marketing email – part of this effort is to NOT sign up for any new emails. Hopefully we’ve matured past the point of needing to be one of the cool kids. Being comfortable and knowing we’re way cooler than the cool kids is just one of the benefits of being over 60. No FoMO for us!

There, you have it; #2 – Unsubscribe. …Except not to us. Heels and Tevas is the exception!


10 Ways to  Simplify Your Life and Be More Fulfilled

(#1 – Prioritize Your Passion 10 Min a Day)

(#2 – Unsubscribe  (Responsibly – not Heels and Tevas!)

(#3 – Minimize Options)

(#4 – Prioritize Alone Time and Just BE)

(#5 – Commit to Offline Times and Places)

(#6 – Eating Healthy – or, Banish the Bads)

(#7 – Practice Patience)

(#8 – Prune Your Environment)

(#9 – Move and Hydrate)

(#10 – Give Without Strings)

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